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Guest Nikola Tesla
Well' date=' you already know about Panic DHH this weekend ;) Digital hardcore all the way for me![/quote']

hehe theres a plug n a half. Hopefully should be making it to that gig. I'm most interested to hear Panic DHH pull of their sound live...

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Guest allsystemsfail

Are we talking only current outfits? Anyway, here are a few:

Inner Terrestrials


Extinction Of Mankind

The Restarts

The Filaments

Resist And Exist

Icons Of Filth

Leftover Crack





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fuckin right: paint it black are awesome, also check out...stand, fig 4.0, freaks union, november coming fire, winter in june, steel rules die, whizzwood, HHH, beecher, comeback kid, with honour, terror, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, bane, fireapple red...i could be here all day but ill carry on: strike anywhere, hot water music, engage, manifesto jukebox, wasted, no choice, the phoenix foundation, k line, i excuse, i defy, fighting shit, hero dishonest, c.d.s, pointing finger, the last chance, breathe in, milloy, imbalance...think that'll do for now

whoever said horse the band is a genius! their a fookin great band

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Guest Jake Wifebeater

Yet again you get others to do your dirty work!

Finland: Riistetyt, Rattus, Terveet Kadet, Sekunda, Uutuus, Bastards, Tampere SS.

Sweden: Asocial, Mob 47, Discard, Protes Bengt, Arsedestroyer, Regurgitate, Sewn Shut, Birdflesh.

Australia: Rupture, Scroungers, Chickenshit, Eunuch, 7 Minutes of Nausea.

Japan: Unholy Grave, GISM, Lipcream, Coward, Swankys, Gauze, Googol Plex, 324, Toast, Total Fury, Argue Damnation, Framtid, Gloom, Laughin' Nose, Deathside, Carcass Grinder.

U.S.A.: S.O.A., Teen Idles, Jerry's Kids, The Proletariat, The Freeze, F.U.'s, The Germs, early Gang Green, Man Is The Bastard, Capitalist Casualties, No Comment, Crossed Out, Charles Bronson.

Belgium: Agathocles, Jan Ag, Smegma, Mutilations and Death, Dreft.

France: Vomit For Breakfast, Enola Gay, Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Germany: Ulcerrhoea, Tumult, Yacopsae, Y, Tumor.

Poland: Pignation, Rzeznia, Squash Bowels, S.O.War.

Croatia: Patareni, Buka.

Switzerland: Fear Of God.

Brazil: Rot, Mukeka De Rato.

Bulgaria: Phonterra, Band X, Distorted Reality.

That's off the top of my head. My brain hurts now.

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