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Best/worst music in Aberdeen right now


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Discussing music, backing it with reasoning and your own opinion, and explained civilly is not mean at all. It's just talking about bands, you put music out there (mine included) and you have to expect feedback. As soon as it's out there, it's public domain, and this is coming from a guy who is slated in other threads for his voice etc.

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The Snake Temple Kings, The Palmer Eldritch Trio


They were ace fun to watch. I've mixed the two up in my head but I remember one/both of them being as close to 'just a bunch of friends making music for the fun of it as you can get. No image or attitude, just turn up, plug in, shut your eyes and play what makes you happy. It was refreshing.

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There are about 3 local acts that I just can't abide, but I shan't mention their names.  I just completely don't see the appeal.    




Bands I really like:


Carson Wells - a slice of dischordy emo heaven


Seas Starry - proper up my street


everythingwesayisfact - beautiful noisy sexy bastards


Drencher (formerly Son of Thunder) - All teh rifzz and doom. Recorded material is sounding mint!


the dead & buried (technically Montrose) - practically the soundtrack to Son's of Anarchy. Proper dirty grunge tinted garage rock FFO BRMC, QOTSA etc


Bands I dislike:

UTN - Not my cup of tea, I find blues rock dull at the best of times. One of their songs sounded like start of Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley then it just descended in to pretty average blues for me. Lots of mention of 'waking up', the man' and 'working'. All the 'extended' jams, solos and introducing the band members was all the cheese.


Set for September - generic generic generic pop punk with metal bits generic. Did I say generic?

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Fucking name the names. Pussies. I get on just fine with Nef C but I just don't like that kind of vocals at all so couldn't get on board with his band. Clearly just an opinion tho as loads of folk were gushing over it in the feedback thread.

Back to the Little Kicks - I think the Le Tissier comparison is unfair - they've done a lot of stuff over the years and worked pretty hard. Not liking them is one thing but the Le Tissier comparison insinuates laziness.

I wasn't mad keen on their first album but 2 and 3 are very good and Steven Milne's solo album is great.

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You're right, the lazy insinuation isn't right. I had Le Tiss on the brain and didnt fully think through the comparison. I think I meant more that their stuff is very 'comfortable' for want of a better word. It doesn't always really stand out (bar a few brilliant tracks). As I said, I do like their stuff and always enjoyed their shows (I must have seen them dozens of times) but can't help think they could be something a little more.

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Thought this was a good idea for a thread until everyone started wimping out of the bad comments. They're the only thing that stops this turning into a 'who do you like?' thread which is pretty pointless.
The rule is, you have to say the worst along with the best. But you also have to say why.

Feedback people, feedback.


I'm also moving it to the feedback forum...

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Favourite local acts in no order (for realz)

Carson Wells

Das McManus




Lung Season




Seas, Starry


Sabrepulse (when he lived here)



Lenin Death Mask


Worst (just my opinion mind)



Without Reason

Mic Morris



WOW that's bad.

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A'ight. Worst three:

Mic Morris: By a sizeable margin my least favourite. Worst first impression. Pedestrian beats, questionable choice of lyrics, particularly lowest-common denominator homophobic stuff. Totally terrible attitude too.

Guttergodz: Obvious covers, cock-rock posturing, just not my thing.

Miss Lucid: Not my thing at all, like Guttergodz, I guess you can say not terrible musicians, but it's all a bit overwrought and overtly earnest. Sounds sub-Manics and dull to my ears.

I'm sure other people love them though, so it's fiiiine.

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