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I've recently started up a wee label.

Marceline Records will release music on all formats, focusing mainly on tape and vinyl, with genres not being an issue.


MR001, set to be released later this month, is from our very own Flights.


Flights - Dead Black Music: A Soundtrack will be released on black tape, limited to 20.


You can download the EP for free here.


When you buy the tape, as well as Dead Black Music: A Soundtrack, you'll receive two extra download codes for Flights - Post-War Scandavian Ghost Rockets and Flights - Mangled Vehicles Scatter The Highway



I also have distro of For This World Is Hollow & These Hands Have Touched The Sky - Discography

Limited to 30 discography tapes, I have 4 for sale here




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I'll be distro-ing tomorrow night at Tunnels. I'll have the Flights tape, For This World Is Hollow... tapes and patches.


the gig is free, so come and save money on postage, buy some stuff, see some bands (including Avoid The Morning) and have a good time.



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You'd be just as well going for a mini disk release, or make a video you can only watch using a betamax player.


Just seems like such a waste of money. Surely the whole point in releasing something is to encourage people to listen to it?

They usually give out bandcamp download codes with them.

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I'm not a huge fan of tapes, but there's definitely a niche audience for them in the DIY scene, and plenty of people still have tape-decks. A very old band of mine released a tape, and when we did a short jaunt around the country, we shifted more tapes than CDs. It's weird. I wasn't fully onboard with the tapes, but when they were done, they looked pretty neat. They were bright green.


These days, physical releases seem to be as much about collecting as it is the music on the format. People like to collect stuff.

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