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Wab Lab Radio Show - Reggae | Dub | Hip-hop - Finnie | Cruicky | Spktr | kPq Fri 8pm

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Right, it's been a while. Time to fire up the Bunsen burners and get the Lab going..!

This Friday the 2nd of the Galactic Moon, or the 7th of February to others. We shall take a jaunt through your ears and vibrate your minds with a vast array of Reggae, Dub and a bit o the ol' Hip-hop with these carefully selected, tried and tested technicians...




And as always, holding the smoldering test tube, buried in plumes of smoke and sketchy wiring. Your host, kidProquo.

Friday 8pm

Tune in...


Archived shows are available as always...


Edited by kidProquo

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Last nights show is uploaded...

A very laid back and thoroughly enjoyable 4 table setup with kidProquo and Spktr going back to back for an 8 hour set of Dub, Reggae and Down-tempo electronic tracks. A cheeky bit of jammin some sounds together, too.

Nuff' said on that. Just lay back and listen.

Cheers John. A grand show. A cheers to all that listened in.

Stayed connected...



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