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Is there anybody why can repair pedals?


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What it is, I have a digitech whammy (4th gen) and a cry baby and they have in need of a fix up.

I bought the digitech whammy off of somebody on eBay saying it is 'I'm perfect working order' but most if the effects don't seem to work and once I stomp down on the pedal, you instantly get that scuffled octave sound. I've had a read up and once the pedal up all the way up, you can play as you normally do (let's say through a clean channel on your amp) then push down the pedal and get the pitch shifter.

The cry baby is properly f*****! It was a hand down from my uncle and the springs gone on it, you haft to use your finger inside of the pedal to turn it on, the whammy itself works fine.

If there's anybody who is handy with gear, please let me know (of course I'll pay for the repairs!).

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Yeah, haha. You can tell I've not touched the pedal on a while! Yeah the switch at the front doesn't push down (I've noticed there's a little cotton patch that's been stuck down, the little leaver you see that allows you to move the pedal up and down is pretty gunky, it sounds superb but I could do with somebody that's pedal minded to help me bring it back to life!

How much do you want for the service, Paul G?

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