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String recommendations?


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What's your favourite sweetie?  It really is a minefield of personal preference.  I presume you've decided to go with roundwounds and not flats or half-rounds.  I'd probably recommend nickel rather than stainless steel, but I haven't had a lot of experience with stainless steel so it's just based upon what I'm used to.  Obviously if you have a nickel allergy then you should use stainless steel.


FWIW I use very cheap, but very good, but very difficult to find Hartke 45-105 nickel rounds unless they don't fit due to through body stringing and the likes, then it's D'Addario XL 45-105 nickel rounds.  They've both got a nice feel, not too rough and not too smooth either.


But it really is a complete personal preference thing, and an expensive business to find out what you like.  A cheaper option might be to go on a site like basschat.co.uk - not to ask for this advice because you'll probably start a holy war or something, but there's often people selling second hand sets that they've barely used because they didn't like them.  A cheaper way of trying out different strings. perhaps.

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