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Decent wedding bands in Aberdeen?

Johnny Mac

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What do you want?  Ceilidh band or a mix?

Sadly it's also one of those bits of a wedding that can be worth spending more on.  I've seen some really dodgy bands at some weddings.  One at a cousin's wedding was booked on basis of playing a mix of pop and ceilidh music then refused to play any ceilidh tunes on the night and had a really limited repertoire.


We saw a few ceilidh bands and the cheaper ones weren't nearly as good as the more expensive ones (could play the tunes well enough but no energy).  Ended up with Clachan Yell who were awesome.


Cabrach were pretty good and a bit cheaper though so might be worth checking them out.

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I always recommend Fusion - they played at my wedding.  It's half of Eskimo Blonde - you'll find them online - contact the singer Mike.


Good mix of pop tunes and the odd Scottish dance.  A lot of the people that came to my wedding booked them off the back of it, which speaks volumes.


Had a search for them, seem to be a couple of fusion bands in Aberdeen....


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