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girl anachronism

Laika Come Home 007: Hey Enemy | Min Diesel | [ ] | Enemy Airships

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Our last of the year, let's make it a good one!


Marking a year of LCH gigs and sharing the temporal territory of the obligatory work-do, be sure to do the right thing: BRING YOUR PARTY TO OUR PARTY.


Hailing from Stirling, four-piece Hey Enemy bring the noize with fast, frantic, in-yer-face riff-splattered rock combining elements of Shellac, QOTSA and Mclusky. New record "Random Acts of Malpractice" is available now on Winning Sperm Party and if that raw, raging relentlessness is anything to go by, then Kate is definitely right: December WILL be magic again.



Local Mindie rockers bring their lo-fi, fuzzy Dinosaur Jr/Idlewild influenced jamz. Guaranteed good times and probably some taps aff too. All I want for Christmas is curry. Check out their split 7" with Pinact, available on Cool Your Jets.


[ ]

Local noise rock two piece bulldoze their juggernaut of crushing, fuzzy bass and insane drumming onto Cellar's stage once again. FFO Lightning Bolt, Tool, Porcupine Tree.


Enemy Airships

Four sufferin' men from Dundee bring their emo punk to Aberdeen for the first time.


Expect the usual LCH homebaking. We'll also have a couple of surprises in store, so be sure to like the page to be kept up to date as these get announced!




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Hey Enemy's new record is ace.  You can listen to that and their old one too on their bandcamp.




Full o' riffs.


Min Diesel have a track on the first Dirty Beard Monthly comp, alongside Laika veterans Young Philadelphia and Kitchen Cynics and a host of other great acts.




Well worth a listen.


Also, we have EXCITING NEWS. 


We can't tell you what it is yet though. 

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So, in addition to the first Aberdeen outing for Hey Enemy in quite some time, the possibility that Min Diesel might play THAT song, a welcome return to Laika Come Home for [ ] and an Aberdeen debut for Enemy Airships, who feature ex-members of Pensioner and a Shithawk, we'll also have festive homebaking a-plenty. 




We'll have a Laika Come Home Christmas compilation on sale, with all proceeds going to Friends of Anchor, featuring, amongst many others: Kitchen Cynics, his name is codeine, Godzilla Blues, Little Anchors, Amanti, Star Rover and Carson Wells. 



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If I don't hear that song, I'm demanding Min Diesel refund my train fare. (I haven't yet booked, but I'll make it first class out of spite... and a love of free cans of Stella.)

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Enemy Airships have unfortunately had to pull out of this show (get well soon!), but fortunately, The Shithawks have agreed to step in and play.  Fun times!


There'll also be Black Lake and vegan cake!  See you on Saturday :-)

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