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Spongebob Squarepants in Aberdeen!


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I'm so glad I didn't see that. People dressed as bears, gorillas, spongebob and such frighten the shit out of me.

I was in that pagazzi shop at the beach just before xmas after a particularly drunken night and everyone was dressed as a sexy santa or an angel then all of a sudden this motherfucking gorilla appeared out of nowhere. I was sure I was having some sort of trip and promptly fell over. Which made him talk to me. Which made it worse!!

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adam' date=' are you really bored this morning and rehashing old threads just for something to do?[/quote']

I watched nearly all of the first season of Spongebob the other day and indeed was bored so searched for the lad and revived a couple of threads containing him...

It's nae a crime! At least I wasn't out flashing at people in Rosemount or anything! :)

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hah thats funny but sponge bob is gay (a very very very shit version of rockos modern life)


now if you was this guy id give you more praise

I LOVED ROCKOS MODERN LIFE!! now why isnt it on tv anymore? (if its on sky then i wouldnt know cos i live in the middle of nowhere that cant get it!!) lol

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Guest JockeySnogger

Apparently its because he holds hands with a starfish or something.

The people who complain about it are the same people that are too lazy to raise their own children. Their also the same ones who swear in front of the toddlers, allow them to eat McDonalds when they cry, hit their children and so on and so on.

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