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A.C.A.B.? (inspired by Black Lake Records)

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I think that a lack of regular visitors to this site and how debate tends to go here (scary war of attrition right wing arguing or boredom trolling) means that folk are less inclined to offer up opinions on subjects other than football. 

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I've been thinking about this a fair bit lately, and I think the Charlie Hebdo shootings have finally shone a light on why I'm not a fan of the ACAB mantra.


When a bunch of murderous psychos kill people, and say it's in the name of Islam, then there's a split reaction from the public where some people blame Islam as a whole for it. This kind of backlash against the Muslim community then causes more followers of Islam to become receptive to the idea of lashing out against the West, because they see westerners blindly hating Islam, so it causes more of a divide.


I think the same might happen with people saying ACAB. Cops should be held to a higher level of accountability than anyone, but I can't help thinking that the more people walking around saying all cops are bastards, or fuck the police, then the more good cops will start to resent the public and make the problem worse. I'd be more inclined to stand behind a mantle like "Police the Police" or "Film the Police" because recent events have shown that there definitely needs to be a higher level of accountability for cops than there is currently.


That being said, it's pretty easy for me to take a more moderate line in this one, because I live in a country where cops don't carry guns. If I were to walk up to a cop and start punching them in the face, the worst I'd likely get would be my getting my head kicked in, a few broken bones and missing teeth. Whereas, if a cop is having a really bad day and thinks someone is a threat and they're also carrying a gun, then it's so, SO easy for that to escalate out of control.


I'm amazed I haven't seen any major campaigns to replace the majority of police weaponry with non-lethal ammo, rubber bullets and the like. It wouldn't do much to help the public relations schism, but it'd at least mean fewer instances of police brutality would result in death.



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I agree with all of this - I'm not sure that giving the police non-lethal ammo in a country where everyone else gets the lethal ammo is gonna happen BUT here in the UK I don't see a reason that beat police should be armed at all (rapid response units in areas where there is actual gun crime notwithstanding).

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