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Wanted: a shottie of an old TV signal booster


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Hi folks


My TV is a bit cranky when trying to lock onto the signal coming out of my Atari 2600, and I want to test to see if it's a weak RF signal that's causing the problem.  To that end, I'd like to borrow an old school TV signal booster from someone.  Does anyone have one languishing in a hoard of old tech somewhere?  I've got no use for one normally (on Freesat) so I'd like to avoid buying one just for a test.


Hope someone can help.



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Poundshops sell them


Thanks for the heads up, but Graham is a man of his word and he provided me with a booster.  Unfortunately, it did no better at any gain setting, so my suspicions now turn to the RF modulator, which I will now bypass (with this handy kit - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181042624250) to give me a composite video output with separate audio.  If that doesn't work, it's probably most cost effective to find another 2600.

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I got a 2600 in original box + games off eBay for like 12 quid, they're cheap as chips. Probably easier than hacking yours up. Do you know you can plug a Megadrive controller into them if you can't get original joysticks?


Easier most certainly, but less satisfying.  Besides, I highly doubt my next telly will have an analogue tuner, so if this works then I've futureproofed my VCS, to a degree at least.  Not to mention the superior quality output that the composite video with separate audio would be versus mashed together RF output.


I had heard that about Megadrive controllers.  Fancy a go of a TAC-2 though.  Wish I had kept my Quickshot II Turbo.  Also keen to locate Driving Controllers at some point (they're like paddles, but they spin continuously instead of between two fixed points), for Indy 500.  Kinda like Super Sprint, but blockier ;)

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