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Laika Come Home 006: Adam Stafford | Kitchen Cynics | tom | Seas, Starry | Godzilla Blues

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***An addition to the lineup:



Spacey ambient drones with an eerie 80's sci-fi/horror vibe.


ARP, Stars of the Lid, Blade Runner


Very enjoyable.  Have a listen and come along!






Slight alteration to web address...if a mod can change the original post, swell....

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Bump! Less than two weeks until this, should be a blast. Godzilla Blues was great at Downstairs a couple of weeks back, Kitchen Cynics always puts on a good show, looking forward to seeing tom again and first Aberdeen outing for Adam Stafford in over a year.

Oh, and cake.

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Claire and I are really excited about this show, I hope lots of people make it down.


Claire did a wee interview with Citizen Mule for the 57 degrees north website, have a read here:




Also, have a look at this blog, which contains a review of the LCH show with the Cosmic Dead and the Cool Yr Jets show with Rungs:




I think it's a great piece, I hope that it encourages anyone who perhaps hasn't ventured out into the Aberdeen music scene to do some investigating! You could do worse than tomorrow night!

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