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Ipad synth


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Animoog is pretty amazing....theres the korg stuff but im not a fan of the vst's so not sure how the ipad versions will sound, no doubt the same. Arturia have a minimoog app but im pretty certain nothing beats the animoog. Someone managed to find a deal for me so it was just a quid aswell!!!


This would be sweet...


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One up for Animoog.  It is a quality piece of software synthing and well supported.  4 track recording, midi controller etc.  


Reactable is really good and has some depth to it.  It uses a mixture of samples, synthesis and effects.  There is a bit of a learning curve on this one so it will keep you going for a long time.  I had to give up on it as it is hard to use on the iphone, it would be amazing on ipad.  You can upload  your compositions to a chart and download what other people have done.  Really unique way of composing.  I eventually plan on using it in conjunction with my OP-1.


iMaschine is also really good.  Easy to use and well supported.  New sample packs that follow its bigger brothers and the ability to take your projects/sketches from the iMaschine to use on the computer software version.  You can use your own samples and record directly in if you want to add something live to your 4 parts. Also direct upload to Soundcloud if you have something you want to share.


Beebot is quite fun and could be useful for some things.   

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