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The Wab Lab Latest Archived Shows 'n' Mixes


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Latest shows and mixes are up and ready for streaming and downloading...


Lots coming up very soon...

Chris Haywood, Andy Torrance and friends playing a live set of dub involving 3 Electribes! Plus a little folk jam too and DJ sets.

Tryptamines live showcase of their debut album with Cruicky, Chemical Callum, Pete Catfish and many others.

More reggae, funk and hip-hop with the usual Wab Lab crew.

A Booya warm up 'all things house' evening with Iain Wilkin. 20 years since it's beginning.

Dates to come for the actual Booya club night of celebrations too. Possibly could broadcast live from the club. Will look into it.

And last but certainly never least, it's been a fair while. The return of metal in many forms with our good man Pigsy.

No dates for you just now. It's all right up in the air. Will keep you posted a lot better than recent.

Really good to see so many new bods and boddets being part of our musical laboratory experiments.

Join us on the FB page.

Much love from the lab


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