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Advice for home studio


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Hey guys I'm looking for some advice on recording at home, although I'm only 23 my technology age is somewhat closer to 63...

I've recently bought a nice expensive condenser mic, I have a lot of good gear that I should be able to get some nice recordings with... The problem is what to use to record?

I currently use a Zoom MRS-8, 8 track and its got me some nice enough recordings but not nearly as good as people I've heard using things like garage band on there iPad what is depressing as that 8 track cost me 300 quid back in the day and there App probably cost then a fiver!

So I guess what I'm asking is what is it I should be buying to record high quality recordings?

Is it more on computers nowadays than 8 tracks? Fill me in guys, any advice would be good!

I'm looking to get some really high quality (as high as possible) recordings without having to spend stupid money. Preferably cost me no more than I'd get for that 8 track! Or would I be better spending more time with the 8 track and learn to use it properly?

Thanks in advance fellas.


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Guest Young Adolesent

I used a usb interface when i had mine. But my pc was crap so the results were crap. Aslong as youve got a decent spec computer buy a line 6 ux1 or something similair its cheap but you can get some good quality sounds out of it. As for soft ware to record with i used riffworks it was free. Easy to use and compatable with ux1 software since i found the software with the ux1 complicated.

Basiclly if you have decent spec computer and speakers etc. A cheap usb interface should produce good quality stuff. As for the 8 track ive never used one and have no knowledge of them

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