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Internet radio for unsigned bands


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There is a new radio station now operating in Aberdeen with sister stations opening all over the country. We currently have 9 stations broadcasting in the UK with more to open shortly. In the USA where the parent station is located we already have 45 stations with more opening every week !!!


Aberdeen Our City Radio is here to give local bands, artists and comedians the chance that no-one else will give them... the chance to be played on a real live radio station - this could be your big break!
Our plan is simple, to bring Aberdeen and the outlying towns and villages together through music and laughter. We'll also bring local businesses into the community by associating with people from the area who just want to spread a bit of fun for a change!

Aberdeen Our City Radio only plays unsigned bands and artists (and comedians too - we all need a laugh right now don't we?).

This is the place to find local talent and the superstars of the future!


Have a look at the station website at http://aberdeenuk.ourcityradio


You can submit your music direct to the website or to me in the first instance at aberdeenocr@gmail.com


Remember you must be unsigned and when you send your MP3 make sure you include as much metadata as you can including graphics.


We're here to get you heard and at the moment, until the individual stations have enough of a library, your talents will be broadcast all over the UK.


Since this is Internet Radio you have the chance to be heard worldwide and you never know who may be listening !!!


It's all for Free and it doesn't get better than that !!!!


Cheers, hoping to hear from you soon.





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