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Viking Skull - Moshulu - 11/10/04

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Anyone from around these parts going?

It's sure to be a corker. Radio Lucifer and Deadloss Superstar are playing too (James and Craig are in for a night of fun), both these bands rock like fuck. So why not come? I want fully formed excuses!

VS's biog:

Get in, Get Fucked and get out, these are the 7 words that prompted the existence of Viking Skull. Realising that the 4 years on the road with Raging Speedhorn had temporarily stopped for a well earned break, assorted members of RSH band and Crew faced the very real prospect of the booze drying up for a few months. Roddy Stone, RSHs long time guitar tech reasoned with the rest of Speedhorn ,still left in Corby, that all they had to do for the free beer to continue was form a local band and play local clubs. Its gonna be easy he said, All we gotta do is, get in, get fucked and get out

So, as with many great things in rock music, the impetus for the formation of Viking Skull was alcohol. Free alcohol at that. For Roddy, Frank, Darren, Gordon and Waldie, the lure of a free pint was enough to encourage them to play a few songs at a local jam night, held weekly at the ex-servicemans club in their home town of Corby. Their improvised sessions combined foot-stomping old-school metal riffs with bluesy overtones and elaborate guitar solos. The ex-servicemans club shut down, but that wasnt going to get between these musicians and their beer, and they soon relocated to the jam night at Kettering Town Football Club a few miles away.

As their appearances grew ever-more frequent, the five piece decided that some rehearsal time would give them a chance to fine-tune their style and write some original songs to play, rather than resorting to covers. For Gordon Morison (drums), Frank Regan (guitar) and Darren Smith (guitar), Viking Skull provided a chance to take a break from the heavy-duty pounding metal of their other project, Raging Speedhorn, and play some sleazy, laid back rock. For Speedhorn guitar tech Roddy Stone (vocals) and merch man Waldie (bass) it was a chance to share the limelight, but more importantly carry on drinking.

With more free pints and the eye-catching name of Viking Skull, the bands local notoriety and popularity grew until, in early 2002, they decided to lay down some of their self-penned songs. Two days in Premier studios in Corby produced six outstanding and ingeniously-titled tracks: 1. Beers, Drugs and Bitches. 2. Wizards Sleeve. 3. Frostbite. 4. Rape, Pillage and Burn. 5. Crazy Trucker. 6. Skull Heaven.

The bands first performances outside of Northamptonshire arrived in October 2002, when Gordon, Frank and Darren found themselves with a double workload as Viking Skull filled the empty support slot on Raging Speedhorns UK tour. It was obvious that the Viking Skull name was beginning to spread when several fans turned up to the gigs with home-made Skull t-shirts. The local shows also continued, including a fated night supporting Dukes of Nothing where the gig was cancelled in the middle of Viking Skulls set because the floor collapsed under the feet of the furiously manic mosh pit.

Increasing interest in the band has led the five-piece to take Viking Skull to the next level, with an upcoming UK tour and the release of their eponymous EP in the pipeline.

The music of Viking Skull exudes cool confidence which regularly escalates into arrogance,

Mixing Black Sabbaths groove, Deep Purples pulsing rhythms and AC/DCs libido The Skull have come to fuck you up.


Some comments on Rdio Lucifer's recent tour:

"...really enjoyed your show..makes a change to see folk loving what they do and doing it well....."

"Radio Lucifer blew me away with their Zeke, Turbonegro meets Motley Crue punk'n'roll..."

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3 things are guaranteed to happen at this gig.

Jagermeister will be drunk in abundance as VS are sponsored by Jagermeister.

Craig Fudge won't be able to talk by the end of the night.

You`ll want to stay around for MUD and get unbelievable drunk with the Radio Lucifer / Deadloss Viking Skull chaps.

Now here comes the science..........


The Last time Viking Skull played Scotland was Nice n Sleazys where they set fire to the lead singer.



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