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Question For Jazz Musicians


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Not sure what you mean about "based around"? Are you talking about which scale the chords are derived from, or the solos?


Honestly, my ears are pretty terrible, but I think that is quite clearly a blues: I,IV,V, dominant chords. It's chord I a couple of times/bars, then IV, back to I, then V,IV, back to I. Sounds like a 6-bar cycle (half a 12-bar blues), weirdly.


The soloing is mainly blues scale and dorian, but with all sorts of chromaticism and other jazzier bits.


So actually, it's much more of blues than a jazz track, although there's a lot of jazz flavour of course.

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I cheated and downloaded a tab to check each tone. It's for this version however:




So basically just the dominant 13th chord tones plus an occasional b3 and b5, the typical blues notes. If you need it described in terms of scales: mixolydian and just superimposed dorian blues for the other notes. The turnaround at the end of each solo are just really chromatic lines.


The version you linked sounds more hip and jazzy but I think it's just greater use of the typical blue notes and a more bebop rhythm in the phrasing than anything scalar. The horn gets a bit more outside: I think superimposed diminished arpeggios or a related scale (half-whole, or some other weird bebop monstrosity), either way just using nasty notes over the V chord to create tension before the turnaround.


I've never heard this before, it does sounds pretty fun to play over :D

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I've never watched a whole episode, no :D I had seen some clips on youtube and so forth, but I don't think I really got it :(


With regards to capturing the vibe of the original, it's probably more about recreating the jaunty bebop phrasing than anything else; if you want more of the horn solos vibe, again the jazz approach of ripping through arpeggios rather than scalar blues licks. I had a bash and couldn't really do it justice :( I sound like BB King trying to be Charlie Christian :( Still, I can happily use jazzier scales and that doesn't automatically make it sound any more like jazz, just more exotic and dissonant really, without the appropriate phrasing and probably arpeggio approach.

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