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Wanted - Cheap Guitars And Parts


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I'm looking to try and build myself some sort of super strat out of cheap (good) parts. I have no idea where to even start but would love a cheap squire or something to try and work with. Any parts you guys have that I could use would be considered though. If it works out I'm planning a super tele, les paul and 335 type thing as well! Just a wee hobby I would love to try and get Into!

What you got for me? :-)

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Cheap and good don't normally go together and if building a project why start with a squire strat cos it is already a complete guitar. Go searching for bodies on ebay or the place I get most parts are from wd music. Not cheap tho. Always start with a good body otherwise no point.

Thanks mate I've had a look and I think I'll start buying off eBay. Couple of good body's cheap enough, necks everywhere too! No cheap ones that look any good though

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