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The Oxbow Lake Band Looking For Bass Player

oxbow lake

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thanks for all the recent apllications (I'm sorry to the 2 we never got a chance to try out) but we tried all the others out and picked one, unfortunately he now has work comittments. So back to square 1!


Their seems to be endless stuff on here about timewasters so I'll try and help you understand what were looking for. I've been asked to be more specific............ ?


  • Keen to do live and studio work
  • understands rnb (blues), soul, reggae, ska and rock wig outs etc heavy funky bass lines
  • Obviously has transport, reliability, kit, cool clothes etc
  • No age issues
  • If you're a pro I can share monies details with you by email, but you aint gonna get rich!
  • New album about to be recorded (so far a soul, rnb, reggae, jazzy, blues numbers on list, plus some lo-fi psych acoustic stuff) 
  • Happy if you also want to write tunes and/or sing, happy if you dont
  • We make decent money and can pretty much select gigs we want to play always at weekends and a few fests.
  • When gigging usually enough money to pay for all rehearsals, costs and recording.
  • Chilled confident people required, who can have a good time.
  • We have gigs lined up for this summer max 2 a month mostly one a month - coast fest, hoots inverness, scooter ralliy, last bus, A fest, We just try and play our favoutire (good) venue's.
  • Not easily pigeon holed. Any style tried from punk to hip hop
  • We're fairly (?) well organised. Usually play over north of scotland. although have offers for central belt.
  • Have own sound man and kit so can play anywhere. Looking at another highland odessey maybe next year now
  • reherase once a week at captian tom's in aberdeen
  • Dj/support normally brought with us,
  • But we're Useless at promotion

Phew! Does that help? Surely thats specific?


Band comprises:-





backing vocal




email only oxbow.lake@btinternet.com







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