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Any Silver Surfers Hang Out Here?


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Looking for Drummer, 2nd Guitarist, Bass player and Keys to put together a project where the primary focus is on Vocals/Vocal Harmony.  This is likely to cover mainly 60's stuff and anything relevant to date.. think Hollies, Bee Gees, Beach Boys, Everlys, Monkees, Beatles, etc. 


Essential Criteria:

You  were on the planet during the 60's 

You are a competent musician

You are able to contribute to Lead / BV's / Harmonies


Guitarist, your hearing is intact and Zimmer doesn't get in the way when Windmilling like Townsend.

Drummer you are the pacemaker, hope you don' need one but can keep time like one.

Bass - Precision or Jazz ... no weird 5 strings, frilly shirt optional

Keys - Hammond or Rhodes are now available in units that don't knacker your back.


Non-Essential Criteria:


Your own hair or teeth


That's it..

Lets Groove



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