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Boost Pedal Wanted


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Kev get the xotic pedal above. Same make as my bb pedal. Amazing quality fx. If you don't i might then i be cutting over you again. Bb was best investment ever and people rave about the other xotic pedals also.

Sorry guys I've been thinking about this and I'm going to keep the xotic ep, they really are amazing pedals - there's a reason page and evh use them! If you want my advice though, if your not looking to spend much to get something of the Xotics quality I would highly recommend going on eBay and buying a "Markone Audio" boost pedal, there hand built down England somewhere and are really good quality, there only 40 quid brand new! The other guitarist in my band bought one cause he was on a budget and I was really impressed (to the point I thought about selling my xotic and buying one) still debating putting one at the start of my chain actually.

So yeah sorry to offer something then change my mind but check out that Markone audio boost and I promise you'll love it, come out to Hatton and you can have a shot of both and see if what one you prefer but if I had the choice of the two (purely cause I'm a tight arse) I'd go for the 40 quid one every time!

Hope this helps!

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