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Bass Player Looking For Band

Pnemonia Hawk

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Hey there!


We're a brutal death metal band currently consisting of one guitar, drums and vocals and we do a range of covers including Dying Fetus, Severe Torture and Inveracity along with a few others we've just started to work on. We're hoping to get our own material going soon (which the guitarist has already started on) and also to play some gigs very soon. Our bassist had to leave due to time constraints, which is why we're looking for a new one. All three of us are in our early to late 20s, so if this sounds like a suitable project we're your band!


I realise you specified rock/stoner/prog, but would you consider death metal? As you said you will play just about anything. :) We all have our own influences, for example myself with The Doors, Zeppelin, Down and Meshuggah, so our musical ideas aren't strictly limited to death metal in terms of skill.


Do get in touch via this thread, or pm myself if you're interested.

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