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Cheap Guitars That You Love.......


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There will always be a market for 4 grand Martins, Custom Shop Fenders and exotic hardwood delicacies, from many marques.  Very lovely- but not necessary, for the purposes of self expression, performance and paying the bills.


In the mists of history, when I was a teenager, cheap guitars were often literally unplayable- but this hasn't been the case for decades.  Please post examples of inexpensive instruments, which have stood the test of time and maybe been gigged extensively.


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I'm lookin for a cheap but excellent first bass that'll make me sound like that Tal Wickenfeld or at least keep the image of her in my head when I play. Converting from the 6 - can you suggest sommat good sounding and easy to play? Is short-scale worth thinkin about (don't have huge hands)...

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I've had two Squier Teles that I really liked, an Affinity and a Standard. The Standard was a really nice guitar, it played and sounded like a more expensive instrument, I didn't really have a use for it at the time tho so I sold it to everyone's favourite Young Tory John W. The Affinity was cheap and cheerful but a few modifications and decent pickups and  it sounded fucking great. I played it at pretty much every Cobra Kai gig, and on our recordings. I miss this guitar:











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This is the one I mean: http://www.fender.com/en-GB/squier/basses/jazz-bass/vintage-modified-jazz-bass-70s/




Bear in mind that Tal's basses are probably active, with different pickups, you probably won't be using the same amps and (most crucially) you're not Tal, so the chances of sounding like Tal are slim.  You'll sound like you, playing a Squier Jazz.  There's nowt wrong with that :)


That is a really helpful posting - thank you.

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Guest davetherave

Before I even opened this post I was going to say the same. I got my one from BM for 249gbp. It's the one with the P90. Okay nae mega cheap, but a lot cheaper the a LP Jnr. I also have a MIJ Squire strat. It had a the big Fender logo......great guitar:)


Have to agree on the made in japan squier strats, I have an 84 white with tort scratchplate and maple neck, its as good as any USA or Mex strat I've ever played.



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