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Crybaby Led Mod Fail Help!


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Hey guys, recently attemped the crybaby led/true bypass mod... and failed... it looks good aethetically but unfortunately i think ive buggered it somehow...

Plugged in and off the signal is fine, i think the true bypass worked but cant tell properly until its back on my pedalboard. The biggest problem is that fact the wah is now gone... when i press the footswitch on it just adds a bassy kinda tone, moving the pedal does nothing at all... plus theres the minor fact that the led doesnt light up! now usually im the kinda guy that would say oh well i tried ill just buy a new better one with an led but im determind to fix this because im too broke to buy a new one and i hate to fail haha Does anyone have any ideas or anyone that could take a look for me? Obviously if you fix it I'll make it worth your while and throw you some cash.

Please help... i miss the wah!

thanks in advance,


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were you following a pre made circuit diagram or just making it up as you go along?


First thing I do if I make a balls up would be to draw the circuit I have created from scratch, i.e. dont copy the circuit diagram but take your wah and draw the signal path you have just wired up.  Often I find what I "think" I've wired up and the reality are different.


If that fails I would undo my work untill I get a working wah and then try and get the mod to work again. 

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Yeah mate i checked and double checked the wiring, im an engineer though i know nothing about electrics and that kinda thing. i followed a video from youtube, ive resoldered everything so its nice and bonnie but still nothing... need someone who knows what there doing to look at it i think :(

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I really don't know enough to even answer your question


there's your problem right there then!  X)  <--- Joke....


Fault finding is where you really learn the ins and outs man, stick at and you learn a heap.  Your Wah will have a signal input and an output and a ground going to the WAH circuit board, if you connect the in to the + of the input jack and the out to the + of the out and leave the ground wire connected to ground your wah will be "on" all the time, i.e. no bypass switch at all, if it works as a wah like that at least you know the wah circuit still works.  Then you can start messing with the bypass switch again. 

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