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What gigs is there in October?


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Saturday 2nd October @ Doctor Drakes

Cartwheel / The Videos

Cartwheel - Australian electro-pop. On english independent label Valentine Records www.valentinerecords.co.uk. Fask, Skewed pop. Think Postal Service, Sea and Cake.

The Videos - 50cc Motorbike Guitars and Super-Nintendo Noises in the style of the Bi Sex(ual) Pistols playing the greatest B-sides of ABBA. Or the same in reverse.

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Guest pop-notmyface

theres Straylight Run, feat. John Nolan & Shaun Cooper (ex. TBS), Michelle Nolan and William Noon (ex. Breaking Pangea) which is going to be an interesting experience...

then theres Fickle Public and Jetplane Landing in late september.

Hell Is For Heroes sometime in october...

but generally, a lot of should-be-awesome gigs...

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here's a couple were putting on

interesting music promotions


Dr Drakes Frid 1st Oct featuring

Pedro (melodic records)

Lucky Pierre (melodic records)

Andy Le Kipp (fopp records)


Cafe Drummonds Tues 5th Oct

Jackie Leven

& Caroline Fowlie

ps here's a late Sept late booking

Dr Drakes Thurs 30th

Misty's Big Adventure (sl records)

The Vandelays

Talk Book

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