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In Ear Monitors


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Essentially looking for a bit of advice on these - spoken to a couple of drummers who say they're brilliant and others who say they're not.


Our problem is our keyboard player could really do with his own monitor rather than sharing mine and I'd like to hear a bit more of the band during a gig.


So - in ear monitors - worth the expense? What are your experiences with them? And also, recommend some if you can?

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If you are happy to have a wire on your back 500 quid will get get you a good set of wired ones. Unfortunately, spending 500 quid on wireless ones will only get you the entry level Shure ones which come with single driver headphones.


Your keyboard player could always bring his own amp, and take a tap from the "thru/link" on the DI box and therefore be able to control his own volume on stage.

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Cheers Sam


Not massively fussed about having a wire up my back to be honest, had a look at some second hand ones on eBay (new earphones obviously).


What's the difference betweeen single and multiple drivers?

More details sound reproduction. Essentially, you'll get a smoother sound with better bass response (with more than a single driver).

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