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Trading Post Advice Thread


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Right, I know this has been talked about before, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling in the hopes of collecting advice for making the most of posting items for sale in the trading post, so eventually a sticky  thread can be made for the top of the sub-forum (mods?).


I've had no trouble selling stuff on here, some of the more important points that I think help:



You don't have to post the entire manufacturer spiel, and it's not as necessary for smaller items, but a few bits of information on the item will increase your chances of getting sold. Stuff like year or which version/model of the item, condition, any mods or changes that have been made etc. This may involve you doing a bit of research, but this will take a lot less time than the weeks of bumping a thread that doesn't describe the item at all.


Guide Prices

Like the information, this may require you to actually put in little bit of research, but it definitely helps in getting sales. Fair enough if you can't be bothered, but don't get offended when all you get are low ball offers. Have a look on ebay using the sold items option in the search, and look what successfully sold items that are like yours went for. Also have a look on Gumtree, other forum classifieds etc. Get a rough idea of an average price to post, and it might be worth stating in your post if you are open to offers, or that's the absolute minimum. Obviously rare, unique or unusual items will be harder to do this for, but the extra bit of effort is worth it.



The main thing I think new users struggle with. For bigger items, especially guitars, photos are pretty important. To include photos in your post, you have to go through a few steps, but it's pretty easy.

1 - You've got your item's photos on your computer.

2 - You need to upload the photos on a third party web hosting site, as you can't upload directly on this site. There are a few options:

  •  http://tinypic.com/ is free and doesn't require any sign up. However, the photos will eventually expire, I think it's after 90 days.
  • http://beta.photobucket.com/ is free, but requires you to sign up. This only takes a couple of seconds though, and you get 2GB space of photos that won't expire.
  • You can always just upload  photos on facebook and right-click and copy the image URL.

3 - Then you put the photo into your post either by copying the IMG code from the image hosting site and pasting it directly into the text of the post, or if you copy the bit that says direct link or image URL click on this icon as you're posting:


and paste the URL in the pop-up window.




So does anyone else have any more pointers or advice that should go in a potential sticky thread?

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Forgot to add on the first post, but does anyone know the limit on the PM inbox now? Just so people if they need to keep it clear for offers etc?


100 PMs max for regular members, unlimited for Supporters/Sponsors and Staff.

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100 PMs max for regular members, unlimited for Supporters/Sponsors and Staff.


Has that changed since the upgrade?  I was getting error messages saying my PM box was full so I cleared it out.  Probably worth doing anyway but still...

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