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The Adventures Of Andy Kershaw - 30Th March

Andy APA

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Ex-radio DJ and TV presenter visits The Lemon Tree at the end of the month with stories of his back-to-back adventures from throughout his career. Having released his book No Off Switch Andy is going on a tour to deliver talks of his travels and tales of rock 'n' roll.  In his career he can boast:

  • Has visited 97 of the world's 193 countries
  • Was Billy Bragg's roadie and manager
  • Presented Live Aid in 1985
  • Has an LP and CD collection weighing 7 tonnes
  • Was banned from Malawi under the dictatorship of Dr Hastings Banda
  • Eyewitnessed the Rwandan genocide and reported it for the Today programme
  • Worked for Bruce Sprigsteen and the Rolling Stones
  • Went on a blind date with a then unknown Courtney Love to go and see Motorhead
  • Once had to rescue Mike Tyson
  • Tracked down the man who infamously shouted "Judas" at Bob Dylan - 32 years after the event
  • Has won more Sony Radio Awards than any other broadcaster
  • Shared a cramped office with John Peel for 12 years

So plenty to talk about then! I'd completely recommend attending a talk at The Lemon Tree as they are always enjoyable evenings.


To book tickets click here, call 01224 641122 or visit the Music Hall or HMT box offices.

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