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I've been trying to get myself back into a band of late but due to work commitments I'm finding it hard to commit to weekly practices and gigs (you're all so committed!!), so I'd thought I would test the waters to see if there are like minded folks in the same boat as me that wouldn't mind getting together once or twice a month to jam it out for a few hours and see where it takes us.


I'm keen to do something that covers the 50's through the 70's to start with, think merseybeat / rock n roll with some folky/ country stuff thrown in for good measure too. I'm looking to do covers as I done the whole original music years ago and don't have the time to commit to it again.


I am a guitarist and can double up on keys at a push (although its been long enough since I did). 


So another guitarist, bass, drums, keys, vocals (the more the better) basically anything instrument you think would fit with this type of thing is good with me.


If you fancy this drop me a PM and we can try to set something up.



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Tried pm but not working.

Hi. Im in the same boat as you and work full time so can only commit to maybe a few times a month and the same as gigging. Work as a tech at the music hall so my weeks change always so same situation i guess.

I'm a singer and guitarist, 31 with lots of experience and same again just want to have some fun and maybe get out playing again few days.

Let me know if you want to try organise something.


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