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Free Cds. Punk/indie/hc Cd Goodie Bag

Soda Jerk

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I'm moving house next week, and I have about 150 CDs of varying stuff up for grabs for anyone who wants to take the lot, FOR ZERO POUNDS. You would have to come collect them from my flat on King Street. They're sitting in a big Morrisons bag for life.


I don't really have time to list them all, but there's loads of great stuff, but I just don't use CDs anymore. Mostly fairly underground stuff that Music Magpie wouldn't take as alot of it doesn't even have Barcodes on them. A whole heap of gruff Florida punk rock on No Idea Records, stuff on Jade Tree and a bunch of UK punk rock. Dillinger Four, Strike Anywhere, Holy Mountain, Gunmoll, Mock Heroic, Dauntless Elite, Chillerton, Kid Dynamite, Loads. It's all rad.


Don't really know what else I can do with them other than either give them away or chuck them in the bin. It'd be a shame to do that.


The person wanting them would ideally just take the LOT, for nothing, otherwise, it's the bin, or dropped on the door step of a charity shop next Thursday night before I move.


PM me, and come get them. Y'all like punk rock, right? Jake? Stroopy?



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