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Flambeau Lfw 1 For Swaps?

Nigel Sleaford

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I have a mint condition Flambeau LFW 1, an early eighties MIJ acoustic guitar. Supposedly designed by George Lowden, it's a slope shouldered dread, spruce top, and mahogany laminate back and sides. A very nicely made guitar, string through bridge, great tuners, and a nice minimal look to it. Nut is slightly wider than normal, and the neck has a fairly shallow feel, with hardly any fret wear, and currently set up with a low action. The guitar has a very even sound, unlike most dreadnaughts, great for picking, not boomy or shrill, all strings sound equally- it records well. Has a hard case, and an Artec piezo pickup installed, which sounds typical on its own, not so bad if put through something like a Fishman Aura pedal.

I have other acoustics, none actually as good as the Flambeau, but since I am really a bass player that doesn't matter.

What I don't have is a hollow body electric, and since I seem to be getting into jazzy, blues stuff, I wonder if anyone out there has such a thing, surplus to their own requirements, and might be interested in a swap?

There is a lot of stuff about Flambeaus online, frankly mainly people looking to talk up their value based on the Lowden connection. Lots of pix as well, so I'm not posting any, but if you are interested, mail me, and I'll be glad to send you pictures of the actual instrument.

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