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1989 Fender Telecaster


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Just throwing this out there, I have a 1989 Fender USA Telecaster sitting in my brothers place, it has been for about 2 years now, bought it a good while back but never really played it as I preferred my Gibson's and gretsch, wondering if anybody would be interested in it. There is some fret wear between 2nd and 5th frets nothing serious, still very playable. No other significant damage or much playing wear for a guitar this old, just a few wee dings. I suppose I would be looking for somewhere around the £450-500ish mark, which as far as I can tell from having a look about ebay and forums and the like seems to be a pretty good deal, anyone interested?


 Also worth mentioning my brother is away on business and is away for another week or so, so if someone wanted to check it out you can, just when he's back.




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Guest davetherave

Most teles around that time came with the modern style flat steel bridge and saddles (see picture below), but its common for folk to change the bridge to vintage ashtray style, brass saddles, etc.  A scratchplate change is also common, e.g. I prefer black plates on blonde teles :)


Very fair price for a USA tele, might also be worth putting it on Gumtree?



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