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Emu Emax1 - Classic 80S Sampler Keyboard + Loadsa Discs


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EMU EMAX1 - Classic 80s sampler keyboard + loadsa discs


Reluctant sale but drug habits aren't cheap to maintain. The EMU EMAX1 is a sampling keyboard from 1986 made famous by the likes of Depeche Mode. 12 bit sampling (compressed in 8 bit) which means very lofi grungy sounding samples (altho sample rate can go up to 42khz), and with only 512kb RAM it lends itself more to sampling single sounds rather than multisampling a Steinway grand piano! Everything sounds 100 times heavier once sampled into the emax, especially drum/percussive sounds, everything gets a more percussive quality. Only the sampling section is digital, the filters and VCA are analogue (unlike later EMAX models) You can loop and splice samples (albeit in an archaic fashion) and apply evelopes to the filters and vca to create all sort of pad sounds or thudding bass/drums sounds....8 outputs


The keyboard hasn't really stood the test of time and has a strange feel to it, but still very playable and no dead keys. Everything works as expected.


There are about 10 factory discs and the rest are copies, all the standard EMU libraries....


£350 ONO

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Hehe cool man, the Octatrack by all accounts smokes this thing for breakfast (and then some) in terms of capability, but this does have very distinct character sound which is why I went for it, I think you'd have to be a fan of that sound to want to go for it tho! You must have come across the monomachine aswell then? Another thing on the want list but just in the price range which I can't justify as I don't use these enough.


Im using my minibrute to create drum sounds and bass sounds, then sampling them into the emax, it has a built in 16 track scratchpad sequencer which is very handy, it can also be the midi master clock, so locking up the minibrute and the jp to it is a breeze then can build tracks from there. Have all the toys but lacking in the time ( and talent!) just now :(


I'll try work on some tracks in case anyone wants to hear a demo...

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Definitely make a demo.  I did that for a couple of my synths for sale and I think it helps demonstrate what you maybe can't in the 15 minutes someone has when they come to view.  Also I want to hear a track!


The Dark Energy is really good by the way... thanks.  Perfect little synth.

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