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Looking To Find Electronic Production Buddy?


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I am currently delving into the electronic production side of music and have amassed a few things i'm quite proud of.


I find, however that most of the stuff i'm most proud of is things i've had collaborative assistance with from friends and since they aren't musically minded it's hard to really connect in a production side of things. I was wondering if there's any people out there in Aberdeen who would be willing to trade musical ideas etc, maybe get some sort of production/live effort off the ground running similar equipment and musical tastes as I am? 


My DAW of choice is Ableton and I currently own a launchpad with the ambition to expand hardware and software in the coming months and also own a fair whack of Guitar accoutrements, amp, pedals etc from my metaller hey-days.


This is my site with a sampler of some music and I would really genuinely love to hear from anyone whose interested, or even just a 'hey, that's no bad' or 'fuck you, you made my ears bleed yi tatty'...




There is also a link on there to my facebook page for my production efforts. 


Anyways thanks and much love


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