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Ibanez Rg7321, Yamaha Trb1006, Stagg Dh Cymbals And A Big Dog Double Pedal


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If anyone is interested in any of the following let me know (the guitar and bass in particular will end up being traded in for another guitar at a music shop outside of Aberdeen otherwise).


Ibanez RG7321 - 7 String Electric Guitar. Has two humbucking pickups which can be coil split, and has 1 volume and 1 tone control, and 5-way selector switch. In good condition. £270




Yamaha TRB1006 - 6 String Bass Guitar. 2 alnico-magnet humbuckers, master volume, pickup pan, and 3-band EQ controls. Very good condition. £550




Stagg DH Cymbal Set - 14" Hand Made Hi-Hat Fat DH-HF14, 10" Hand Made Splash Medium Regular SH-SM10R, 20" Hand Made Ride Rock Brilliant DH-RR20B, 16" Hand Made Crash Medium Brilliant DH-CM16B. Comes with a Stagg Carry Case and an arm I bought separately to hold the splash cymbal to an existing ride/crash stand. Used, but only superficial markings from sticks. £120




Big Dog Double Pedal E004 - Not much to say unless there's specifics people want to know or see: has seperate adjustment for beaters and adjustable springs. In good condition. £100


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