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Do you agree that the UK should be an independent country?

Oedo 808

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Is now really the time for such narrow nationalism?

Shouldn't all of Europe get a vote? What about UK citizens who live abroad?

Will there be border controls at the Channel Tunnel?

Why would European countries ever buy British goods post-separation?

Why wait and cause all this uncertainty?

What will be the policy of future UK Governments post-separation on... oh, absolutely everything?

How can we ask the EU to devolve more powers when we haven't decided on separation yet? Surely we need to settle the separation debate first and then ask for more powers?

What if Shetland votes for Europe but the rest of the UK doesn't?

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Guest davetherave

The original concept of the common market/EU was a good one, trading with other countries and creating a set of European guidelines for fair trading, etc.

Where it all started to go wrong was when they began to enforce stupid rules such as how bent a banana should be, or how carrots had to be perfectly straight to be fit for sale. Anyone remember the Butter mountain, has it melted or is it now a mass of festering cheeselike goo! Some of the EU regulations are absolutely ridiculous...

Limitation on balloon usage. According to EU rules from 1988 children under the age of 8 can not use latex balloons without a supervising parent.

Whistle blowers, that scroll out into a a long colored paper tongue when blown – have now been classified as unsafe for all children under 14.

Horsemeat - Its ok to eat a horse, as long as you dont own it!

The list of regs car manufacturers have to comply with is now huge, its possibly the reason why most cars now look the same and why the rumble of V8 engines in a car shaped like the batmobile is sadly becoming very rare!

And I guess the Euro didnt work out too well either?


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To decide what our relationship with the EU should be. There are very few people in favour of ending the UK's statehood and becoming part of a European super state, so independence isn't really the issue.

no, the referendum is to decide on whether to be part of the eu after new terms with the eu are negotiated. the referendum is not a means to a new relationship with europe, other than serving as a threat.

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