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[Apr 25, 2013] ROLO TOMASSI @ TUNNELS, ABERDEEN (aberdeen)

Guest E.C

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sheffield-based mathcore band. let's face it, if you haven't heard of these guys before, where have you been? having released Astraea back in November, this is a 'BACK TO BASICS' tour for the band, playing an entire tour of venues 200 capacity or smaller.

FFO: King Crimson, Horse the Band, The Dillinger Escape Plan




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What the fuck is mathcore

Fast, technical, dissonant offshoot of hardcore. Anyway this is the genre defining album. Educate yourself! In fact just listen to all TDEP albums because they are all great.

In modern times has become more synonymous with a metal sound but still retains much of the same core.



I will head along to this. Not heard the new album actually but they have not disappointed live before.

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My previous post was a lie. It's like chiptune but programmed on calculators. However, the integration of tangents into the music is key when differentiating mathcore from other forms of educore styles. Mathcore was initially a prime target for ridicule from mean genre critics but it's rising popularity has equated to a near universal acceptance of it as a sine of changing musical tastes.

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That was a most pleasant night. [ ] made my ears hurt so good.


I didn't think I'd seen Clearer The Sky before but it seems I have.  When they, er, played with Rolo Tomassi in 2007 (looked this up after talking to Woods and trying to figure out when/where I'd seen Rolo Tomassi before)


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