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Gigs available?


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Hey there, hi there, ho there.

If you have a look in the sub-forum entitled "Gigs & Events Announcements", you'll notice a host of different promoters posting details about upcoming concerts they're putting on. Usually, promoters will link to their Facebook page or whatever. Have a look and see what acts the various promoters are putting on, and get in touch with the ones you think will be sympathetic and empathetic to the type of music your band plays, and drop them a line. Do a little research...as much as anything, it's a lot of fun.

There are quite a few good promoters in Aberdeen and the majority of them post their gig/contact details on this website. Look, and you will find. :up:

It may also benefit you to impart some information about your band in this thread (although I think this thread may be moved to the "Networking" sub-forum by a moderator, as it perhaps doesn't quite belong in this sub-forum), and include some links to your music. Promoters do read this website, so you never know who may lurk, listen, and like.

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Hi there I play in a Dundee band and we were wondering if anyone has any promoters we could get Intouch with in Aberdeen as we really want to play as we haven't yet played before. If you could pass on contact info if you have any it is much appreciated


In your other thread (the one with your video), you asked the same question and got a couple of answers...I presume you've tried them already?

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