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problem with AC15

James Broonbreed

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I seem to be having a problem with either my AC15 or my tele or anything else I'm using really...

after playing for a few minutes I sometimes find my fretting hand getting an electric charge type feeling which seems to build up until I obviosuly freak out and switch my amp off. It doesn't always do this but I'm obviously a tad wary of getting thrown across my front room if I keep playing.

Seems to be some sort of earth problem but can't see it being my tele as I never had this problem with my old Orange. The Vox is fairly new and hasn;t always done this and as I mentioned it's intermittent. There's also a tuner, compressor, pitch box and muff in my setup and all that shit....

First time I noticed it was when I plugged in an extension cab for the first time.

Any help would be a beaut'.


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