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An Albums For 2013 Thread


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It's not too early for this. Not at all. What's on your music menu for the new year?

And So I Watch You From Afar announced that their new album is coming out on March 29th earlier today.

I'm excited.

I was about to come in here and post about that. Yaldy and all.

I'm hoping Wild Flag release a second album, but more than that I hope for more than mere rumors of the hinted at return of Sleater-Kinney. If it's just to tour I'll be perfectly wildly happy. If they actually release new material I will wet myself.

New stuff from The National would be quite nice too.

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I dunno if i could cope with another Bad Religion album, the last 2-3 albums have been exactly the same: predictable and boring.

I haven't heard anything beyond The Process of Belief, which I didn't like at all anyway. New American was a bit crap as well. It sounded like the Goo Goo Dolls or something. The last album I liked by them was the Gray Race, which is surprisingly good considering Gurewitz had left by that point.

I think a Bad Religion album is always going to be predictable though. The majority of their albums are incredibly similar, though in their prime, that wasn't a bad thing. No Control, Suffer and Against The Grain sound like they could have been written and recorded in the same session. Great records.

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