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replacing tele neck humbucker

James Broonbreed

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As you've found, the repro WRHBs on Mexican Tele Customs (and Deluxes) are the Achilles heel of an otherwise well built and designed guitar. The original WRHBs- with CuNiFe magnets- were rightly revered as classics....... but I believe the magnets are no longer made.

Jason Lollar is the guy most American owners look to, for a solution to your problem. This is a great but expensive way to go.


I have no experience with this company - but I see you can buy an interesting alternative made in Manchester......


Not sure what kind of tones you like. You might prefer to have a custom pickguard made and drop in some Gibson sized alternatives? This wouldn't be cheap, either- as I'm sure you've surmised. You might get a company to rewind your existing pickups, which would save some cash.

Hope I've given you somewhere to start looking from......... good luck. :)

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Aye, I was looking at the creamery earlier but either their website or offshore tinternet - probably the latter - is being a dick. I'd rather keep it looking like a 72 custom so wouldn't want to just put in a normal humbucker - probably should've mentioned that before.

Both pretty expensive options, especially the yank lad. might see about getting the creamery to re-wire the shit out of my stock pickup.


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