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Single Coils recommendations

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Who here uses strats loaded with single coils? Any recommendations for nice bright low to mid output ones? Been looking at Tyler pickups and heard good reports but with pickups I can't exactly try before I buy if you know what I mean. Tried split coils on a PRS but its just not the same, my strats loaded with hot rails that are too meaty. Need a nice strat funk rhythm sound for some recording work.

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depends on your budget but you can get some very good pickups for not huge bucks tbh.

personally I hated the BK mothers milks but thats just horses for courses. preferred the BK slow hands by a mile.

Entwistle - have a couple of sets on ebay. had a cheapo set from them and they were very decent tbh

axesrus - had the texas blues and they were excellent. have a look on their website they've got a few sets which might do what you're after.

toneriders - had the blues classics or whatever they're called and they were decent. They also do a vintage set which might be good for what you're asking/

Kent armstrong tweed tones - they were excellent!

been round the bootique side as well - lindy fralins, Bare knuckle , rio grande, wizard, catswhisker, bulldog, seymour duncan, dimarzio etc etc and the main advantage is that those guys will wind to exactly the sound that you want, but you pay a premium for that, and imo they're not worth the extra dough.

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