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Almost brand new epiphone es-333


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Built to the exact specifications of Blink 182's guitarist, Tom Delonge, this cool new archtop combines semi-hollowbody design and the raw power of a USA-made Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker pickup in a one--of-a-kind signature model. The Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature 333 features a Mahogany center block for amazing sustain wrapped in a Maple Laminate body., Mahogany neck joined at the 17th fret and the unique and instantly recognizable Tom Delonge "paintjob" of Cream racing stripes on a Brown finish. Powerful looks that match its powerful sound!

Laminate Maple body

Gibson USA Dirty Fingers Humbucker pickups

Rosewood fretboard

This guitar is less than 2 months old I've restrung it and played it once on the day I got it.

I bought it out of impulse. It's a great guitar just I have one to many

Comes with a brand new Ritter bag. Still with tags on.

Rrp is 390


Il sell it at a loss for 270 for both. 120 less than new and I still have the month old receipt

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Interested in a trade..?


Would be up for arranging a mutual try-out beforehand?


I've got 3 les Paul's already mate if it was a dot i might have been intrested.

Looks great though and I hope it sells for you just not what I'm after, sorry buddy.

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