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[Nov 30, 2012] TONIGHT // Stanley, Scunner, Danny Young (Aberdeen)


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Tonight, early show - DOORS 7.30pm



Danny Young



"Bands rarely enjoy comparisons, but if you were to take the intelligence of The Divine Comedy, the vision of John Barry, the creativity of Radiohead (circa "The Bends") and the soaring vocal talents of Scott Walker you wouldn't be far away. And that can't be bad, can it?"

Combining both musical talent and imagination to create a sound that is innovative, unique, and as a result, totally unclassifiable as the bold city of Aberdeen they call home. Highly accomplished compositions and expressive lyrics are successfully merged and enhanced further by their lead singers distinctive and progressively powerful voice.

The group's songs encompass everthing from politics, paranoia and the idiosyncrasies of life, evoking a spectrum of emotions - feelings from the melancholy to the sublime. This is achieved with a broad scope of sounds and styles, from swirling fairground melodies and dramatic orchestration, to good old fashioned rock. Stanley's diverse collection illustrates their versatility and each song captures a different aspect of their unconventional quirky charm which will undoubtedly lead to you making friends with them soon.

The band are riding high on their second release "Sandwiches & Tea" (

) to be followed by the long player "Animal With Amazing Disguises" on 16th April 212.
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