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Gibson SGs fairly Cheap just now


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As the title says. Just a wee heads up

Now is a good time to score one of the 2012 Gibson SG Standards. Thomann in Germany are knocking them out for around £716, in contrast to the £799 most UK retailers have them at.

The reason they're so cheap at present is due to retailers hoping to clear the decks for the 2013 SG Standards. Why?...Well...

Gibson are replacing the current Standard SG (bat wing pick guard, 490R + 498P pickups, rounded neck.


What has been known up to this point as the SG 61 Reissue (smaller pick guard, 57 Classic pickups, slim tapered neck). This will be the 2o13 Standard SG so I guess they'll be retiring the 61 Reissue.

I just pulled the trigger on one of their left over (full finish) SG 61 Reissues for £890. Some places are still trying to shift these for £1200-£1350.

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A nice tip, but there is no way I would buy a Gibson right now without playing it. I played a few Studio LPs in Guitar Guitar last week and the fretwork was laughable. Like razor blades. In contrast I tried a PRS Bernie Marsden that was a superb instrument. Never had gas for a PRS before but I do now...

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Good point Bigsby.

Yeh there have been some criticisms over the finishing work on several cheaper models. I have a good LP Studio (Faded Cherry) 50s neck which has a dodgy knot on the wood where the neck binding would be on the 5th fret. Although I like it a lot, I could have kicked myself for not spotting this as I was buying it (in a shop). It's only visible to me though - and I need specs to really see it. A minor purchase spoiler at best.

As ever, buying online is a gamble between price and 'play before you buy' I guess. I've never been dissatisfied with any SG I've tried so I'm hopeful of being happy. The upper fret access and tapered neck of the 61 Reissue was a huge selling point for me, not to mention the protruding neck joint part being located two frets lower than the 2012 Standards (two more frets worth of non-obstructed neck). I'll let you all know how I get on when my 61 Reissue arrives. Should be here next week.

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