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Female-fronted gothic metal band looking for bass player and keyboard player


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There are currently 3 of us in the band; a female singer, a drummer and a guitar player who has been adding keyboards to the recordings. We had a bass player but he had to quit all of his bands for work reasons.

We have been writing songs and rehearsing since the start of summer. Some of the songs we have written can be heard here (press the show spoiler button), at varying stages of completion.


We don’t require a huge time commitment from members of this band and accept everyone has a life outside of music but we do need band members to be reliable and turn up to practices. Our first goal is to record a demo (3-5 songs) using my home studio and hope to take things live after that.

If you are interested and have any questions, please get in touch through this forum, or email hairyscarymark@yahoo.com

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To clarify, we are principally looking for a bass player as the keyboard playing can potentially be accomodated within the existing band with a level of compromise and we have friends who can play keyboards to levels that would be alright in this band. If we did find a suitable dedicated keyboard player however, that would be ideal, but we anticipate that being more difficult than finding a bass player.

Age range of the band is currently 18-26 (I think as there have been birthdays recently).

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We have a bass player who is interested and going to give it a go this week after getting in touch on this forum.

Having a specialist keyboard player isn't required for making recordings as I can add the keyboard parts myself. It is just when we begin to play live that it is a concern and we have a few options of what to do about that. I factored this in when writing and deliberately made the keyboard parts reasonably simple, as to minimize problems of this variety in the future.

One option would be to accomodate keyboard playing without introducting new members. This would mean our singer might play keyboards while also singing in the band. Alternatively, she can play some rhythm guitar parts and split the live keyboard playing with me. I understand this might not be entirely preferable but it is potentially workable and has the advantage of not introducing additional personalities or people that are liable not to turn up for rehearsals. Another posibility with this approach would be that some of the keyboard parts can be missed out live when they aren't that important or are difficult to play while singing.

Alternatively, a friend of the band could play keyboards but would probably need to be leant equipment as they tend to only have entry-level stuff or a piano. This may however be a decent option if they are willing to put in the work. We have someone in mind for this.

Maybe a keyboard player will see this advert and apply.....

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