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Frosty Jack

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Tubthumpers! Sick of the guitarists getting excited over wood and wires and daft wee boxes? Let's see some proper hardware. What's your kit?

Mine - PDP Kit (CX I think), Yamaha 9000 snare, Sabian Cymbals - 20" Ride, 14" Hats, 18" AAX Dark Crash, 18" AAXPlosion Crash.

The kit is fairly budget, but sounds pretty great for what it is. The crash cymbals are just awesome.


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It's been so long since I've played mine I can barely remember. It's been packed away in storage for a few years as I've got nowhere to play it. :(

Mapex M. This picture is from about 5-6 years ago.


And my electric kit, which is also packed away :(

Alesis MX-5 (I think)


Sell me the electric on the cheap?

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I personally play a beaten up Premier Cabria that I got second hand in 2006 for £350 (including some Paiste 502 cymbals, which didn’t last long) with Sabian AAX stage hats and ride. I’ve owned many cymbals in my days and used to play with 2 crashes, a ride, a splash, a china and hats but none of them lasted very long. I just opt for the “one cymbal to rule them all” paradigm, not necessarily through choice, but through my disillusionment at the fragility of any bit of alloy under 20”. I just break crash cymbals, so I don’t want to buy them anymore. I might by another ride at some point – probably an AA rock or metal ride, something “tingy” - and play with two, but really the AAX stage ride is the most versatile cymbal I’ve ever used. It is fit for purpose in Carson Wells, I don’t need much else, but I’ve started a new band which is far more poppy, and it really misses a couple of crash cymbals. Oh well.

I don’t know what my next purchase will be. It’s probably about time I bought a new kit, as an avid drummer, but my kit just sounds better than most other kits, probably because it’s me that is playing it and I’m better than most other drummers. It has its negatives: the rack tom only stays in tune for a song at a time, for instance, but it is kind of my one true love. I got it for my 18th, my first kit, and I would feel so sad if I didn’t play it any more. I’m a sentimental soul, I suppose. What would I replace it with that would be drastically better?

I’m going to send that story into Warner Brothers.

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This is what im beating around on now a days. A sparkly pink PEACE D.N.A kit, 3 rack toms and 2 floors, although a bit wasted on me as i play on a 3 piece most of the time. In that photo i have my Gretch snare set up, i love it, only cost me about £200 quite a few years back, but it has an awesome big chunky rim you could batter all day and its as loud as any snare i've played. I have a Slingerland snare drum as well that cost the best part of £600 but i dont really use that often now a days more just for the cover band, its a great snare, that sounded incredible when i first got it, but for some reason (mostly likely cause im shit) i have just never been able to get it set up right again and it just doesnt sound like it should, i have thought about selling it, but i wouldnt get anything near what i paid for it. Again in this photo cymbal wise i have my 22" A custom ride, 18" Sabian AAX crash, 16" Sabian Vault crash and 12" A custom mastersound hihats and a cheapo double kick pedal.


I've just bought myself a new 16" A custom crash that is due to arrive this week sometime, and i plan on buying another 18" A custom crash as well, i used to have a full set of A customs but broke the crashes over time, but having used a few different Sabian's i've decided to go back, there really is no cymbal that sounds better than an A custom IMO, the Sabians are fine for battering away but they dont have the glorious shimmer the A customs have.

The other kits i have at the moment are these two,


This is an old Pearl Export, absolutely horrible kit, horrible to play, sounds horrible and a bastard to set up nicely and i just cant stand it, been trying to give it away for a long time now with no luck at all. Can go to any home at all if you want it.

This was my first ever drum kit and still going strong today, its a Premier Royal, i bought it off an old guy for £50 when i was about 15, it had been in his loft for 15 years or something, it has the best sounding kick drum of any kit i've ever owned, i have used the kick drum from this kit and toms from other kits to record before as the kick from my better kits just didnt sound as good. Its got a 10 year old head on it that i put on when i first bought the kit, with an older style pad on it, and there is just something wonderful about the combination of the drum and head. I made the front head myself out of the old one i took of the batter side, it looks a bit tacky now a days and its covered in stickers and dust, but its still my favourite kit out of them all. I appear to have a splash cymbal in this photo, i forgot i ever had one, no idea what happened to it.


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My current cymbal set up, having bought a few new ones recently. All i want now are a set of 13/14" Mastersound hats.

From top right they go, 18" A Custom Fast Crash, 19" A Custom Projection Crash, 12" A Custom Mastersound hats, 20" A Custom Projection Ride, 14" New Beat Hats.



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My current kit - Mapex V Fusion with Mapex hardware and Premier Classics Snare. Using 15" Istanbul Traditional hats, with 16" Istanbul Traditional Fast Crash and a 16" Paiste Signature Crash and 22" Istanbul Traditional Ride.


Want to replace my snare fairly soon and could do with some new hardware but happy enough.





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