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Post yr current rig / set up

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Nah I can't see the photos. I'm at work though so that may be why.

Are they not supposed to quite temperamental amps?

Couldnt really tell you, not had it that long, its been fine so far however, like most old amps it does get really hot after a while, so a fans in order. Its point to point wired so i imagine quite labour intensive if and when anything does go wrong, im certainly no expert on that.

What i would say for is that, i bought a little solid state Sunn Concert lead a while back, and now ive gotten to grips with it - had it serviced etc..i love that little amp. Sunn amps are known for - power, it doesnt need me to say that, but they also do such great clean tones and are so good at low volumes aswell, ive no idea at all why Fender fucked this company over, its a huge shame that these things are now so hard to get hold of, the solid states and supposed lesser models are way cheaper and just as awsome for me, highly recommended.

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The outskirts of Saigon (if you're familiar with the pre-1975 definitions, it's closer to Cholon). Maybe I'll hijack the thread and post pics showing it in all it's glory (you can't see the motorway and quagmire building site from that snippet :D)

no idea where any of that is , it looks like you had a great view over wherever it is though :) , you must have been up in the penthouse :cool:

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You also need to make your pedals perfectly align with each other, as looking at your board is making me develop OCD :p . Preferably also get neater cabling..... Nice pedals you have.

Thanks! The pedals were originally at right angles to each other, but moving the board about to gigs and the like means they do tend to travel a little bit on the board.

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Mine now looks like this. Excuse crappy phone pics. We literally have no light in our flat :p


Waiting on the tubecake to arrive so I can properly test the SS30. Hopefully it has managed to escape Russia in a timely manner and will be here soon. Also need to get a few more pedals. Have a fair few OD pedals but my delay is the only proper effects unit I have!

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Current rig is...


Blackstar Club 40 combo with 1x12 extension cab.


Stock '96 Les Paul Standard in ebony

Stock Fender Stratocaster in white


Custom-built pedalboard with flightcase

T-Rex Chameleon power supply

Boss Tu-2 tuner

Morley Bad Horsie Wah

Fulltone GT500 OD/Distortion

Boss DD-3 delay

Photos to follow...

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Nice kit Keeno. Which matamp is that?

Matamp Little Rock.

The tubecake arrived today in amazing packaging. The post man apparently was looking at it very suspiciously when he delivered it. No wonder, random brown bag from Russia held together by string. Also a little picture of alternative non Matamp setup. Have a 3 channel, 3 watt rig which can do most styles of music in 4 pedals. Not too shabby. Just need a get a chorus and maybe a couple more pedals to put in the fx loop of the preamp. Makes my microcube pretty much redundant now but I will keep it for the acoustic channel which sounds good with the piezo on my RG1620X.



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Set up for the only band I play guitar in, Marionettes.

Fender American special telecaster through a Fender Hotrod deluxe via a strymon bluesky reverberator, a modded boss OD-1 (by analogue man, which I believe has tubescreamer circuitry in it but don't hold me to that), nano double muff and a tu-2. I've ditched the screaming bird treble boost and ht dual since this pic was taken. Those speakers are for show, there's no space for them in our practice basement so I use them to put things on, although I do play my orange micro terror through them occasionally.

I swap between me tele and blacktop jag for tuning/capo purposes, and I love the sound of blended humbuckers with the cleans you get from fender tube amps. Throw a bit of shimmer/plate on top and it's pretty amazing. That's another thing, the gain function on my amp is knackered but it really is a blessing in disguise; I wouldn't go near those settings these days. Clean with pedals for the win. I don't have a decent pic of the blacktop jag, this is the best I could do:


Have also just purchased a Japanese jag built in the early 90's. I think my next guitar purchase will be something other than Fender...

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