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Looking for Seymour Duncan Invader


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I had a Warpig that I sold for £50 a while back. Maybe I was just being nice with my pricing, but you could probably pick up one (*troll face*) for a similar price second hand if you looked around.

Don't turn a Seymour Duncan Alternative 8 if offered for a good price, they are similar to the Invader but with presence & clarity.

Don't mean to try and change your mind on them if that is the sound you're after, but I had an Invader for a while and it doesn't cut through in a mix and was a waste of time. In my opinion, of course. :)

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A Seymour Duncan JB definitely has stacks of output. I wouldn't consider it as too polite. That things barks like fuck, and has a much better presence and rounded clarity than the Invader, of which I personally think are horrid.

A Warpig is certainly worth spending money on though. No point passing up quality. The difference between a SD and a BK is like the difference between a burger and a steak. Warpigs are outrageously good, and sound mean as hell. Coil tapping it gives you a nice snarly clean, and a sharp as fuck overdrive that sounds like a if a Strat ate another Strat, or something.

Really great pickups. If I was still playing heavy music, I wouldn't consider anything else than a Warpig.

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